Healthy Eating

So, Ive been eating a little healthier for over a year now (less fast food, less snacks/candy, more homecooked meals, more veggies) and  a lot healthier for the past few months (no fast food, very few snacks/candy, only homecooked meals).

I’ve always known about nutrition and health type things, however I haven’t always eaten or lived that way, partially because I thought it was too hard or expensive, but, having fully committed to healthy eating, I am realizing that with proper planning , it can actually be comparable in cost and in some cases cheaper than the “standard american diet”.

Along with feeling better about the food I have been consuming, I have noticed an improvement in the way I feel throughout the day. At my job I walk between 3 and 5 miles a day (I work in a very large warehouse picking orders for shipment), and have noticed that after my nutritional “traditional” lunch that I actually feel energized along with being full. I used to always feel groggy and sleepy after eating a fast food lunch.

It’s nice when you are doing something you believe in, and you actually can see and feel the results.

This time the Ant is on a Healthy Path “)


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