Today, my girlfriend TheHippyGardener, and I went shopping for needed ingredients to a gluten free brownie recipe using some coconut oil she is reviewing in the very near future (tune in to her blog for a giveaway of the same coconut oil). 
     Afterwards we went to a camping/fishing/hunting outdoorish store to look at tents and things. We have recently decided that since we both like nature and outdoors type of things we want to be “out there” more often. After we got home I was using “stumbleupon” and happened to stumble upon a Florida Trails page, I then realized there is an expansive length of hiking trails in Florida (between 1,089 and 1,501 miles depending on routes and sources) and two sections in the Jacksonville area, . And of course physical fitness along with nutritional health are good things, plus nature is good for the soul, so we will be hiking and camping soon (and hopefully bloggin about it).
     Then it was off to the meat market! One of my favorite new places to go (besides the mini-farm about a mile down the road where we get fresh honey, eggs, and produce), we picked up a freezer pack of steaks, chicken and pork chops for the week plus a package of turkey necks for our dinner of turkey neck soup.
     The brownies are almost done and it will soon be movie time, a “Family Guy” flick: “Something, Something, Something, Darkside” (I havent really seen enough Family Guys to really like it but I LOVE Star Wars).
    So that was this Ants path for the day šŸ˜‰


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