Healthy Eating

So, Ive been eating a little healthier for over a year now (less fast food, less snacks/candy, more homecooked meals, more veggies) and  a lot healthier for the past few months (no fast food, very few snacks/candy, only homecooked meals). I’ve always known about nutrition and health type things, however I haven’t always eaten or lived that way, partially … Continue reading

32 oz. Coconut Oil Giveaway!!!

My girlfriend recently received a quart of coconut oil to try and if she wanted to she she could write a review and do a giveaway! She has only had a few people enter so far, so go on  and click HERE to enter for your chance to win your own quart of coconut oil!


Soooo…..     Today I was in the bathroom at work, (don’t worry, I won’t go into a detailed bathroom story here) and after I washed my hands, I waved my hand in front of the motion detector sensor thingy on the paper towel machine…     As I was drying my hands I started sneezing…. if you … Continue reading

The Morning After 60 M.P.H. Winds

So, last night Tropical Storm Beryl came a-blowin and a-rainin through. I personally enjoy the strong winds and rains of tropical storms and light hurricanes (I also dont live ON the beach). The tree out back was literally waving all over the place. Our power went out once, but only for a little while.Today there … Continue reading

Ant the Plant Rescuer

Pineapple Sage I love garden centers, plant nurseries, and plant sales of almost any kind. Whenever TheHippyGardener and I go to such places, along with looking at the wonderful healthy plants they have for sale, I always look for their clearance and half dead plants to see if any are rescue-able. They are usually no more than $5.00 and … Continue reading

Tropical Storm Beryl

     So apparently Tropical Storm Beryl will be making landfall near Jacksonville sometime this afternoon. The weather website said to expect rain by 11:30, about an hour and a half from now, yet three or four families just got to the pool across the street. There are 17 mph winds with gusts up to 26, … Continue reading

     Today, my girlfriend TheHippyGardener, and I went shopping for needed ingredients to a gluten free brownie recipe using some coconut oil she is reviewing in the very near future (tune in to her blog for a giveaway of the same coconut oil).      Afterwards we went to a camping/fishing/hunting outdoorish store to look at tents and … Continue reading